Hey, Pat! :)

This greeting is days’ late (wayyyyy late) but I hope you’d still appreciate it because I truly mean what I’m going to say next. First of all, belated happy birthday to you! Another year has been added to your life. You’re so busy these days, I just wish you more energy for all your activities. You know what, I really see you set to become an influential woman someday. Believe me, you are one of my most committed friends (maybe not to boys for now haha) but to all your causes, beliefs, and passions. You are so opinionated, you speak your mind so well (I truly envy you), and you stand for what you believe in. You are either left or right, very seldom in the middle. You either like or dislike something. Just look at how you love Keane so much and how you hate math so much. You also either strongly agree or strongly disagree to something. I’m not sure, but I really rarely see you be Switzerland in certain issues.You have eccentric taste and interests and you are always so enthusiastic about it, it’s so cute.

Pat, I wish that you never lose heart in following your dreams. I know you have a lot of plans, especially in influencing change in this country and in this world, which is why I wish that you will always be hopeful. I’m really thankful to have a friend like you whom I can happily share my wildest dreams with. You get me, cause you are a dreamer too. : ) I love it when we talk about culture, places, languages, news articles, and etc. You and Lanz, whenever you guys give me the pep talk on following my dreams, make me feel courageous and sometimes fearless, so thank you for that. With regard to your future plans, I hope that you’d be able to be of service to the country, if not to UN, just like you wanted. I really think you’d be a good ambassador. I’m sure you already have speeches in your head. haha!

Keep dreaming and hoping, Pat! One day, you’d live it. : ) Love you! :*

2012: CLOSED

Thank you for sticking with me, friends and followers! This blog has made me realize a lot of things about myself, had me nitpicking my commas and tenses, and had me scrounging through the thicks and thins of my brain just to come up with write-ups that I hoped tickled your fancy and improved my writing (even in the littlest bit of sense). After all, what’s important is the motivation to write even about the most stupid thing or the least interesting topic which is my daily life.

Despite me not finishing my project, I am glad to have you (yes, you) who continue to visit my link and look forward to my 30-day challenges and whatever things I have to say about the world and my experiences. It has never crossed my mind that I would gather 55 followers and 7,100 views in a year. Even if it is the same people, I am glad to be heard and be listened to. Thank you. This hobby definitely has to go on and I will not stop writing about the mundane things and new discoveries even if you force me to.

Well, it has come to this point where I have to bid goodbye to my 365 thought project. It was really a tough challenge to try to post something everyday and make my life not look monotonous at all. I’d be closing down this page at the same time that I am also closing the 2012 of my life. I will create a new page for a new year, so see you guys there! I’ll be posting a new link when it’s ready. I love you all!